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When Emanuel Jeremy Gershfeld, the classical musician, plays the viola, he experiences the sound as color, texture, form, and movement. Emanuel Gershfeld (EG), the designer and artist, seeks to translate these qualities into his fashion and original art.

In designing fashion, Gershfeld also draws inspiration from women themselves, and in particular, the styles of fashionable women he observes all over the country, from the art galleries of SoHo to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. He enjoys seeing women who, without compromising their style, appear to feel comfortable and move with a chic elegance.

Drawing from his artistic and musical background, Gershfeld believes that a sense of architecture, rhythm, harmony, and melodic line is elemental to designing fashion. How fashion looks on a woman depends on how well it fits (architecture), how it feels texturally (rhythm), how it drapes or follows curves (harmony), and how beautiful the fabric looks (melody). EG employs up-to-date, elegant fabrics, many of which incorporate stretch Lycra to enhance comfort and fit. “Buying fashion is fun, but if it’s uncomfortable to wear, even if it is beautiful, the clothes are going to sit in your closet. If the fashion is both beautiful and comfortable, you’ll want to wear and enjoy it for a long time.”

Born in 1969, Gershfeld is a native of Bethesda, Maryland. Gershfeld started EG Design Studio in 2000, and sells his lines throughout the United States. Currently residing in Chicago, he is also an artist, who began painting at the suggestion of his wife, Elizabeth, who noticed his cooking at times was a little too adventurous. His painting - “Must it be? It must Be!” (which alludes to the famous inscription in Beethoven’s last string quartet) appeared in 2001 and 2002’s editions of Strings, The Strad magazine, and the American String Teachers Association magazine. A long time professional classical violist and violinist, Gershfeld is the founding member and artistic director of the Camerata Society of Chicago, a chamber music group that collaborates with chefs to present chamber music concerts in the same venue with great cuisine.

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